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My Story page 2

August, 2014, my husband Dennis has a massive heart attack and was flown to the Oklahoma City Heart Hospital. Dennis died nine times in less than eight hours and was then put into what is called a frozen state to protect his organs. After a few days they slowly started bringing him out and with Dennis it was totally different issues. Heart and lung disease with uncontrolled blood pressure and internal bleeding with infection in the blood. In less than thirty days he lost 42lbs and was on blood transfusions. They accidentally put the feeding tube into his lungs and although I requested they take him off of plavix because they said he was bleeding internally and could not find out why, they would not. They did however, allow the nurses to give Dennis the product the surgeons gave Jodi but on a much smaller amount twelve hours apart. Also, one has to remember that doctors and hospitals are governed by rules and regulations and too the hospital did not give up even after nine code blues.

After 30 days and because the hospital was insisting I move him to a rehab center, I took him home. A prayer friend called to say "take over his care" and without a doctor or help from the hospital, an ambulance service took him the two hour drive to the house. Home health service was at the home waiting and even questioned whether I knew how bad Dennis was. Dennis could not set up, was on oxygen #5 (highest level), had been on blood transfusions, and now a feeding tube. Dennis and I both dealt with the doctor as he absolutely did not want Dennis to agree to it and if I had felt I had any other alternative, I would not have. I had called friends to find help asking if anyone knew how to take blood pressure and finally a girl I met three times named JoAnn Summerall texted to say she had had a dream that she packed her bags and moved in to take care of Dennis. I asked her if she knew how to take blood pressure and she said she worked twenty years in the field.

Thank goodness for a church full of prayer friends.

The Journey

My closest friend Betty walked with me through the entire process along with my Pastor Sandy Newman and a church full of prayer warriors. One of the things Betty said from the beginning was that it was NOT the destination - it WAS the Journey.

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