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I live in North Central Oklahoma and twelve years ago many family members started dieing from multiple diseases. It started me on a search that is still going on today. Oklahoma is 49th in the nation for health and our county is at the bottom. The family members who died walked everyday and ate well. This story has to do with glycans.

Can doctors tell the truth? I attended conferences of doctors and the first being Dallas to hear Dr. Ben Carson speak about the technology and how MIT discovered years earlier. He also shared about his bout with cancer. Next I went to Denver and then Tusla to hear Dr Geon, retired Chief of Staff, St. Johns. In each case, they said that it is illegal for a medical doctor to share in their office what they know about natural health as they could loose their license.

I shared with friends and family but my immediate family did not take the products with glycans and in 2011 my daughter went into Wichita Via Christy hospital for a simple thyroid surgery and ended up in ICU in a drug induced comma for 5 1/2 weeks. The doctor found a massive amount of cancer and said it was stage 4 esphoagal cancer. After surgery he came out to say he could not remove it all. He also said he had to remove her parathyroid glands which we now know are used to regulate calcium in the body.

It is important to add that I am a Christian and had received a call from two prayer friends before surgery that Jodi would live and not die. At first I thought "what!! A 20 minute surgery". However, after surgery I understood. Jodi had given Psalms 117:18 as the password for hospital call in to ICU checking on status.

After three days in ICU, the doctor came to say they were losing Jodi to a pneumonia that none of their antibiotics would touch. The next morning I received a called from Jodi's friend Taliaha Douglas who was going to school to be a doctor saying she awoke with the name of the pneumonia and the drug. She had been following the facebook posts of Jodi's condidtion. We took the information to the doctor and after much convincing, they gave it to her. It was sulfur based. This is important as the research on this site will show why. Her Dad (my husband Dennis) and I took turns staying at the hospital so her husband could work. During the stay, Dennis rubbed a product named Firm on her skin and before Jodi was released from ICU, we had talked the doctors into giving her Ambrotose (8 glycans in one container) and Osolean (a body building product). I am sure they thought it funny and gave her the entire tubs of products in less than 12 hours or at least until they discovered her esophagus had grown back documented in 11 days and she walked in three days after not moving for more than five weeks. Jodi was one of two to get a standing ovation from the ICU staff. The first two surgeons after her first surgery said the esophogus could not grow back, then the second two after she improved from the pnemonia repaired a torn artery but they had agreed with the first two that the esphogus was cut 4cm and could not be repaired. This is why I mention growing body parts at Wake Forest Baptist on youtube CBS specials. In the research, I will provide some of the reasons I mention this. Again this was 2011 and even after she returned home, it took weeks for the cancer to disappear (when her vitamin d level hit 38) and months for her to return to work. Jodi's only diet was raw milk, meal replacement drink, osolean, G I Zyme and multipak. Jodi came home too with fluid around her heart which also took weeks and exercise to overcome. Over the last few years the main problems have been the absorbtion of calcium due to losing her parathyroid glands. She has had one more bout in the hospital because of it.

As I studied the fulvic for the pasture grass test, I thought it might, being organic with calcium and the research online, be worth trying on Jodi. She started with a drop a day and within a few days calls to say, Mom for the first time in years my joints, back and neck stopped hurting. She did increase to five drops without telling me and so far no calcium problems.


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