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Glycans are the beginning of good health. It is what runs the communication system of the body. They are NOT vitamins, minerals, enzymes or peptides and without enough of them your cells or that of your animals, will not communicate even the basic jobs of absorbing nutrients and general stataining of optimal good health. While doctors were taught that these sugars were only used in the body for energy, MIT discovered more than fifteen years ago, they do much more. If your cells cannot reconize good cells and begins to attack itself, it is called auto-immune. If your cells cannot reconize bad cells and does not rid the body of the bad, it is called immune disorder.

Over many years, I traveled to Dallas to hear Dr. Ben Carson, then Tulsa to hear Dr. Goen and Dr. Reg McDaniel of the Fisher Institute, Denver to hear Dr. Omachek and many more.

The goal in all my search was to find foods which would increase glycans in the body and/or find a way to add what was needed to the soil to increase them in our food.

By the way, glyphosate (Round Up) is registered as a potent antibiotic and uses a simple glycan in their formula probably knowing all living cells absorb them.

Lab report #3 Glycans in the fulvic

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