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Third Report

At the end of October, 96 calves were moved to the front 3 acres for weening and the 8 cows, 6 bulls and 6 calves moved across to other pasture.

The 96 weened cows were moved to back area after two weeks. They are on hay with cake daily. The first thing I noticed was over 30 of the calves had what is called scours. I mixed the fulvic with at rate of 1 oz per gallon and added a little molasses to spray on their hay. I noticed the next day or so all but 2-3 (not sure if they were able to get to the fulvic in their hay) still were having a problem. Within five days all appear healthy and scours stopped.

This photo taken October 23, 2017.

October 23, 2017.

Hay section - Oct 23, 2017

November 4th we planted 350lbs rye grass - 50lbs winter wheat. November 12th planted another 350 acres of rye. I have continued to spray fulvic mixture on hay every two to three days.

I started moving some of the hay into the pasture then mowed to spread. This picture Novermber 24, 2017.

Much needed rain came last night Nov 28, 2017 - 3/8 inch.

Winter is here and these are a couple of the calves.