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Third Report

At the end of October, 96 calves were moved to the front 3 acres for weening and the 8 cows, 6 bulls and 6 calves moved across to other pasture. I have gone over three times to spray their hay with mixture of fulvic.

The 96 weened cows were moved to back area after two weeks. They are on hay with cake daily. The first thing I noticed was over 30 of the calves had what is called scours. I mixed the fulvic with non-chorinated water and added a little molasses to spray on their hay. I noticed the next day or so all but 2-3 (not sure if they were able to get to the fulvic in their hay) still were having a problem. Within five days all appear healthy and scours stopped.

This photo taken October 23, 2017.

October 23, 2017.

Hay section - Oct 23, 2017

November 4th we planted 350lbs rye grass - 50lbs winter wheat. November 12th planted another 350 acres of rye. I have continued to spray fulvic mixture on hay every two to three days.

I started moving some of the hay into the pasture then mowed to spread. This picture Novermber 24, 2017.

Much needed rain came last night Nov 28, 2017 - 3/8 inch.

Well winter is here and these are a couple of the calves. I have been spraying small amounts of nutrients onto the hay every few days.