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Second Report

Change of plans - ranch helper recommended goats since I would not allow any poison sprayed on remaining weeds. A goat fence and 52 goats was added for one year.

Six bulls have been moved to top of hill and since these bulls have not been raised on grass sprayed with fulvic, I measure out 1 oz fulvic per 200 lbs of weight and apple cider (1 cup apple cider vinegar) to 50 gallons of nonchloriated water. Same for goats. The reports showed they will eat less but maintain weight and better health. Research Here.

The picture above was taken on 09-21-2017. We have had very little rain.

Another training video said to take pictures of the cow poop in order to tell the digestion of the cattle and plant fiber.

I removed the molasses. Molasses according to tests at OSU, causes an inbalance of ph to cattle. Research here.

Today is 09-26-2017 The ACV was also to deter flies according to some reports.

Out of the 8 cows, two had not produced offspring and were ones that were going to go to sale. At end of October, when the calves from other pastures were ready to come over, the two cows were tested again and were expecting. The interesting part of this is that the bull which had been allowed to stay with this group was not suppose to have been able to mate. He too was suppose to go to sale.

At first of season, the land received a good amount of rain but then went into periods of weeks without rain. The pasture is heavy clay and noticed all the cracks in the soil did not form inbetween the periods of no rain and in fact now still have maintained without cracking.